23-May-2014 Computer Internet Support SCAM
22-May-2014 Phone Scam - PC Is Infected with Virus
9-Jan-2014 Email Scams

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22-May-2014   -   Phone Scam - PC Is Infected with Virus
Beware, there has still been a number of scams reported. Most recent that I have had is a phone call from an overseas person saying they are from a PC Technical Company stating that your PC is sending out information to them & that your computer it is infected with a virus & they need to fix it by remote access..
The caller gives out instructions to go to event viewer & check that there are errors & then states this is the virus & the PC is badly infected & requires immediate attention..
DO NOT follow any instructions from these types of calls, if in doubt just hang up on the caller & contact your normal PC tech that will beable to help..

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