23-May-2014 Computer Internet Support SCAM
22-May-2014 Phone Scam - PC Is Infected with Virus
9-Jan-2014 Email Scams

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9-Jan-2014   -   Email Scams
There has been a number of emails getting around of late trying to catch out the home & business user with emails associated to telephone / internet accounts, airline tickets, ATO Tax refund & paypal balances..

Most of these email if they have attachments with them asking to open & fill out a form, or plane ticket confirmations, or that big tax return that is to good to be true, just double check before opening as most contain viruses from just nuisance adaware / malaware to the serious type viruses trojans, fakealert downloaders & others..

If unsure or have opened an email attachment & computer is doing some strange things dont hesitate to call me for a virus check..

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