23-May-2014 Computer Internet Support SCAM
22-May-2014 Phone Scam - PC Is Infected with Virus
9-Jan-2014 Email Scams


AVG Antivirus 2016
  AVG 2016 Antivirus Free Edition Download, Select 32bit or 64bit Version depending on which Windows Version you have installed. Manual download of updates

URL:   http://www.avg.com/ww-en/download.prd-afh-free  
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.20.1024
  Malwarebytes Program -
Click on the alwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Download (First one)
Then Click under For Home:
Download Free Version (follow prompts) Should Save File

URL:   http://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-intercept  
Campbell Dunstan and Associates
  Our preferred partners for windows programming and database design.

URL:   http://www.exhalt.com/  
Peter Newell Computing
  Our preferred associate for Promotional Photography & tuition training..

Pdfcreator (Free)
  PDFCreator converts every printable document to PDF and many other formats

Click on Direct Link to download

URL:   http://download.pdfforge.org/d...